There are two storylines to be explored:

The Dairy and the Mannequin focuses on discovering the identity of an actual Canadian WWI soldier and the creation of a small exhibit to tell his story.

The Windmill and the Teenaged Nazi  focuses on discovering the thematic and historical connections between two WWII related artefacts.

The two story lines involve a series of videos and video-based questions.  At the end of each video, students are asked a question based on the content of the video and must select one of four artefacts that represent the best answer. If correct, they can move onto the next segment; if they guess incorrectly they have to try again. 

Step 1
Watch the Introduction video and then chose one of two storylines:  The Mannequin and the Diary or The Windmill and the Teenaged Nazi.
Step 2
Watch the first video in the sequence. In total there are six videos in each storyline that must be watched in order.

1. The Mannequin & the Diary
This story line consists of 6 videos:

Video 1. Signing Up and Training
Video 2. Headed for Europe
Video 3. Far from Home
Video 4. Surviving the Trenches
Video 5. Going Home
Video 6. A Good Life (final answer)

2. The Windmill & the Teenaged Nazi
This story line consists of 6 videos:

Video 1   A Knife on the Back
Video 2   Tough Teens
Video 3   It’s a World War
Video 4   Into the Meat Grinder
Video 5:  Marshes from Hell
Video 6:  Windmills on the Mind (final answer)

Step 3
Each video will end with a question.

Chose the answer (artefact) that best answers the question posed.
You can click on ‘View’ to get more information on the artefact to help you choose.

If you chose the right answer you can move ahead to the next video; if not, go back and try again.

Step 4
Answer all five questions correctly and find out how the story ends.